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Yorktown Lodge # 859 Order Knights of Pythias

News and Special Events

Check this page for current special announcements and events of interest to all Pythians.

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The first half of the year has included two important successes: A shake a can for the Veterans and Servicemen's fund that raised over $400, and once again preventing the Deputy (this year our own Don Rosenberg) from delivering the GC message. Late in year, a large crowd showed up as we honored the Grand Chancellor with membership on our lodge while he sat with is fishing pole and wet weather gear.

Looking forward to seeing you at our coming events.

Yorktown Lodge Officers for 2008-9
Chancellor Commander: Jeff Painter, PACDGC
Vice Chancellor:            David Francis
Prelate:                        Steve Stern, PC
Master at Arms:            Marc Sinovsky
Inner Guard:                  Stuart Rothchild, PC
Outer Guard:                 Jeffrey Held
Financial Secretary:       Stew Glass, PDGC
Secretary:                     Mel Berger, PC
Treasurer:                     David Peltzer, PDSC
Master of The Work:      Don Rosenberg, DGC
Grand Lodge Rep. --  David Peltzer, PDSC
Grand Lodge Alternate Rep. --   Matt Silverman, CDGC
Eagle Newsletter --
Editor, David Peltzer
Production Manager, Don Thorn
Kvells and Kvetches, Jeff Painter

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