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Yorktown Lodge # 859 Order Knights of Pythias


The Order of Knights of Pythias is an international, non-sectarian fraternal order, founded in 1864, and was the first to be chartered by an act of Congress.

**News and Events Highlights:
Lodge Meeting nights now 2nd and 4th WEDNESDAY from Sept to June
Dec 8, 2010 -- Yorktown bestows Honory membership upon GC Michael Sukenick

>> Jan 12,  2011 --  Lodge Convention at Castle Hall
>> Jan 22 -- Annual Pot Luck Dinner at Castle Hall
>> Feb 20 -- Annual Sweetheart Breakfast at Beth Am

>> May 1 -- Deputy Dinner IHO DGC Don Rosenberg, TBA
>> May 11 -- Chief Matt Silverman Homecoming, Beth Am

** Key Men in District 72/Grand Lodge of NY

Grand Chancellor: Michael Sukenick, New City Orangetown, 2010-2011

Chief DGC: Matt Silverman, Yorktown Lodge
Assistant Chief DGC:  Doug Handler, PBUCC Lodge
Deputy GC for 72nd District: Don Rosenberg, Yorktown Lodge 

72nd District President: Randy Silverman,  PBUCC Lodge

Calendar of Events

News and Special Events

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Yorktown Lodge #859, Order Knights of Pythias, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598